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in fiscal transfer payments inclu

nments became part of the revenue of local governments, which made arrangements for their utilization. Transfer payments from the central government accounted for an average of 38% of local government spending ▓nationwide and 54.4% in the central

and western regions. Revenue of local governments totaled 5.159052 trillion yuan, a▓n increase of 988.001 billion yuan or 23.7%, equivalent▓ to 106.4% of the target. This consists of 2.864491 trillion yuan collected by loc▓al governments and 2.294561 trillion yuan in tax rebates and transfer payments fro▓m the central government. Local governme

nt expenditures totaled 4.999265 trillion yuan, an increase of 1.079057 trillion yuan or 27.5%, equivalent to▓ 103.1% of the target. This total consists of 4.90▓5272 trillion yuan spent by local governments and 93.99▓3 billion yuan turned over to the central government. Re

al transfer payme

venue exceeded expenditures, leaving a surplus of 159.787 billion yuan, which mainly came from the surplus revenue in the ce▓ntral and local budgets that was not spent and will be rolled over into local budgets this year. In addition, revenue from government-controlled funds nationwide totaled 1.563635 trillion yuan, an increase of 446.72 billion

yuan or 40%. Expenditures from these funds came to 1.49847trillio▓n yuan, representing an increase of 530.026 billion yuan or 54.7%. Revenue from the funds controlled by the central government reached 252.566 billion yuan, an increase of 78%. This large increase wa

nts, a 22% increa

s mainly attributable to profits from the sale of lottery tickets coming under budgetary control and strong growth in revenue from the foreign exchange funds controlled ▓by the central government. Total revenue includes 20.259 billion y▓uan from the fund for developing the Three Gorges Project, 55.5

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se, and 996.693 bi llion yuan in special transf er payme nts, a 4 4.6% incre ase. The large increase in this last ite m was mainly d ue to the huge increas e in expen ditures required t o subsidize key local progr▓ams suc h as education and medical and h ealth care. Tax rebates and transfer payme nts turned over to local gover 五指山市wap 丘北县5G 岳池县wap 宝坻区wap 邯郸县wap 平顶山市wap 博爱县wap 北流市wap 融水苗族自治县wap 全南县5G 六盘水市wap 太和县wap 始兴县wap 中江县5G 宁武县wap 石林彝族自治县wap 独山县5G 延边朝鲜族自治州5G 孝义市wap 湘潭市5G 新开传奇私服无补丁 热血传奇私服开服网站 传奇私服新开网站1.76 传奇私服补丁怎么解压 新开热血传奇私服发布 传奇私服商业版制作教程 传奇私服外挂辅助 传奇私服发布刚开一秒 传奇私服火龙元素版本 为什么传奇私服登陆器打不开